Our Faculty

Our faculty, in addition to their academic qualifications and professional competence – which needs to include successfully clearing CSE Mains at least once and having taught in a similarly-reputed institute for multiple number of years – is carefully screened and selected for true and genuine commitment to helping our students achieve their goals in the most effective way possible. The faculty adopts a teaching methodology that is as effective and comprehensive as possible to prime and ignite young minds into achieving their goal and dream of making it to the service of their choice, which includes giving PPT presentations when necessary, providing notes in sync with classroom lectures and taking periodic tests to ensure conceptual clarity.

Mr Sanjeev Pandey

History, Art & Culture

Mr N.Sharma


Dr. S.D. Singh

Science & Technology

Mr Saif Eqbal

Polity, Current Affairs

Our Patrons & Mentors

Mr Anil Kumar IAS (R)

(Secretary to Govt. of India: Telecom, Fertilizers; Secretary, Vice President of India)

Mr SK Goyal IRS (R)

(Chief Commissioner of Income Tax)

Mr Ashok Pandey IAS (R)

(Secretary, Lok Sabha, Parliament of India)



Mr Gautam Kaul IPS (R)

(Director General, ITBP)

Ms Reena Pandey IFS (R)

(Ambassador of India to Georgia and Armenia)

Mr MM Sagar IPS (R)

(Director General, Civil Defence & Commandant General, Home Guards, Assam)